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Escaping Discrimination

December 2014 The story of Bianey Garcia, a 24-year-old transgender woman. Garcia helps LGBT immigrants stay in the U.S. and avoid persecution and “death sentences” back in their home countries where homosexuality is not accepted. Escaping From Discrimination from Denisse Moreno on Vimeo.

After Tragedy, Brooklyn Mother Starts Foundation for Children with Cancer

March 13, 2014 The story of a divorced mother of three in Brooklyn who knows tragedy but has been inspired by it. She turned her sorrow into a crusade for sick children. Denisse Moreno has her story.

5 Pointz faces Demolition by Landlord

November 27, 2013 Known as the world’s ‘graffiti mecca’, 5 Pointz faces demolition after the landlord’s plan to replace it with two luxury towers. Denisse Moreno reports.

Isamar Tamayo: Starting to Walk Again

Isamar Tamayo is an 18-year-old student from Astoria, Queens, who is unlike most college students her age. She underwent surgery this summer on both sides of her hips because both of her femurs were deteriorating. After the operation she was forced to use a wheelchair and a walker while starting her college life.

Matias Rivera on Education and the New Mayor

NYCity News Service reporters asked scores of New Yorkers: “Tell us one thing the next mayor can do to make your life better.” For the full report, go to:

Benjamin Gonzalez, Successful and Loves being a Cosmetologist

Gonzalez owns a beauty salon in Jackson Heights, Queens, where his faithful Latino clients have helped his business thrive for more than 15 years.